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SE Consulting Inc.

Comprehensive Solutions for Acoustics and Vibration

Structural Engineering Services

We are a boutique engineering consulting company specialized in acoustics and vibration solutions and structural engineering services. 
We are a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers and scientists dedicated to provide our clients with innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions for environmental acoustics, architectural acoustics and vibrations. Our services also include engineering design of critical structural components.   

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Acoustics and Vibration Services


Environmental Acoustics

We are experienced in preparing environmental noise and vibration impact studies for land use planning and proposed development. Using state of the art acoustical assessment tools, we are able to model predict and verify acoustical performance of a specific project that would meet the applicable land use planning policies and guidelines. Through our assessment, we help developers to adders acoustic issue at the early stage of the design.

Our services in this sector include:

  • Noise and vibration impact study for land use planning purposes

  • Compliance assessment for industrial and manufacturing facilities

  • Acoustic audits

  • Master planning for new community development


Architectural Acoustics

We provide acoustic design assistance for condominiums, office building, and custom homes. Working closely with architects, mechanical engineers, and developers we design noise control measures to ensure appropriate acoustic environment are provided for a space. Our services include:

  • Review architectural drawing set and provide design recommendation for suite demising boundaries to meet the OBC requirement.

  • Provide acoustic treatment plan to achieve such as room finishes to achieve speech intelligibility and target reverberation time.

  • Predict noise and vibration impact from building mechanical and electrical equipment and provide design recommendations such as floating floor, SI ceiling, spring isolators to meet the design target limit.

  • Provide design recommendations for silencers, lining materials,and acoustic barriers to establish acoustic compliance according to the guideline limit.

  • Provide acoustic requirements for building facades (windows and walls) to meet the indoor guideline limit.


Indoor Amenity Acoustics

Now a days, indoor amenities such as gym, fitness studios, and indoor music venues are an integral part of many multipurpose residential and commercial buildings. Without addressing the unique noise and vibration issues resulting from activities within these spaces, the successful operation of these facilities can be an incredibly challenging task.

Considering the functionality of these indoor amenities and co-existence of the building residents, our team of experts work with the architects, designers, and project managers and provide effective design recommendations to attain the desired acoustical performance goals.


Vibration Monitoring

We provide short and long-term vibration monitoring for sensitive equipment baseline study in medical and research facilities. We also monitor residential and commercial buildings for construction vibration activities. With our state of the art in-house software, we are able to monitor vibration 24/7 and provide near real time input to contractors, owners, and stake holders.


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